Insurance Agent May Be Liable for Oral Misrepresentation of Insurance Coverage

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently issued a decision in the matter of Passatempo v. McMeninimen affirming the potential liability of an insurance agent and insurance company for oral misrepresentations made by the agent. In that case, the plaintiff alleged, and the trial court found, that the insurance agent had misstated the benefits provided by… Continue reading »


Payor’s Obligation

The economic climate has made it extremely difficult for payors to meet alimony obligations. Karen Greenberg was successful in substantially reducing a payor’s obligation, a highly skilled professional, who had lost his job and continued to diligently search for new employment.


Rehabilitative Alimony, Reimbursement Alimony, Transitional Alimony

Recently, and prior to its enactment, Karen Greenberg successfully argued the concepts of rehabilitative alimony, reimbursement alimony and transitional alimony part of the Act Reforming Alimony in the Commonwealth, and how each concept could be properly applied to a long term marriage, where the stay at home spouse had at least 20 more years before… Continue reading »


Divorce Center Session

Karen Greenberg spoke at a session sponsored by the Divorce Center on child related matters including child support and custody. Attendees were individuals either contemplating or in the midst of a divorce.