Before You Say, “I Do”

It is no secret that divorces tend to be emotionally painful, protracted, and very expensive. The filing for divorce is only the beginning and these issues are usually brought on when the parties are determining the terms of the divorce who keeps the house, what happens to the money in joint bank accounts, whether there… Continue reading »


What Will THEY Think of Next?

Three Person Embryo MITOCHONDRIAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY (MRT) I recently wrote an article entitled DNA What’s it to you? which can be found on the K&G website www.kongreen.com. My current blog focuses on another aspect of DNA: the manipulation of embryos to avoid inherited mitochondrial DNA. MRT is a controversial therapy which will allow women who… Continue reading »



Three years of law school is now a concluded chapter. Now I am a recent graduate and new associate, but the experience of being a new associate has revived the same anxious, excited, and uneasy feelings from the first year of law school. As the newest associate in the office, I am not only new… Continue reading »


Taking Back Your Divorce: Crafting a Parenting Plan That Works for Your Family

Divorce can be a difficult time filled with many transitions and uncertainties. The anxiousness which naturally accompanies this process can be exacerbated when children are involved. The big question often is: how are my spouse and I going to share time with our children when we are no longer living in the same house? How… Continue reading »


Post Divorce – Take Hold and Let Go

Take hold and let go. Think about those words, what do they really mean? What does that have to do with the post divorce climate? And, how can we all put those words into our daily actions? One of the major sources of angst post divorce is misbehavior, characterized by power struggles with the children… Continue reading »


Divorce Center Session

Karen Greenberg spoke at a session sponsored by the Divorce Center on child related matters including child support and custody. Attendees were individuals either contemplating or in the midst of a divorce.


Massachusetts Alimony Reform: A Long Awaited and Welcomed Change

The Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives have passed the Alimony Reform Bill, and it is expected to be signed by Governor Deval Patrick. Once signed, the new Alimony Reform Act will become effective on March 1, 2012. The bill, having been passed at the recommendation of a special task force appointed in 2009, marks… Continue reading »


Mistaking Your Attorney for Your Hairdresser!

Please do not permit your attorney to cut your hair, and likewise, under no circumstances allow your hairdresser to be your attorney. In keeping with my theme of the many costs of divorce, not listening to your attorney can be extremely hazardous to your wallet and your case. Anticipated outcomes grounded in the experience of… Continue reading »


The Many Costs of Divorce…

In our last newsletter, I promised to address the many costs of divorce, and started with the most obvious: legal fees.  Dissipation of assets is another cost of divorce, whether contested or not.  There are many assets that comprise the marital estate, but monetary assets pale in value to the truly irreplaceable assets of marriage:… Continue reading »


The Many Costs of Divorce (Part 1)

This article is the first of several which will address the many costs of a divorce. The first cost to come to mind for most people is probably legal fees. Legal fees can add up quickly and are often problematic for many litigants who may already be emotionally distraught from their own circumstances. Fees vary… Continue reading »

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