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  • A takeaway from Prince’s death: Do not die without a will

    Prince is the latest celebrity to die without a will. To many of us it was shocking that this music legend did not leave instructions on how to administer his vast fortune. When celebrities die without a will it makes headline news. Despite the fact that about 50% of Americans die every year without a… Continue reading »

  • Equal Access to Original Birth Certificates

    Did you know that not all persons over the age of 18 who were adopted in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may access their original birth certificates without court intervention, or going on a “search?” Why? Currently, 46 s. 2B prevents those adoptees that were born between July 17, 1974 and December 31, 2007 from… Continue reading »

  • What’s A Grandparent To Do?

    If it seems as though Grandparent Issues have been on my mind as of late, it is true. Becoming a grandparent myself was like looking into a kaleidoscope: with just an ever-so-slight twist, the landscape is different and perhaps more complicated. One would think that on becoming a grandparent, all of the fun and indulging… Continue reading »

  • Let’s Face It

    “Person to person, face to face, person to person, one to one, just you and me. . . person to person, that’s just how it gets done.” These lyrics from an old 70’s funk band, Average White Band, remind me of the value of face-to-face communication. Why face-to-face versus all of the wonders that technology… Continue reading »

  • Avoiding Family Feuds Over Inheritance

    When it comes to inheritance, family feuds are real. Regardless of the amount of inheritance at stake, it is a far too common occurrence for family disputes to arise over an inheritance after a parent dies. Otherwise rational people can quickly act like children fighting in the school yard over a perceived slight or unfair… Continue reading »

  • How An Expert Can Help Your Divorce Case: Insights from the 2016 Family Law Financial Forum

    Recently, Attorney Karen Greenberg and I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 Family Law Financial Forum, an event hosted by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education. This program featured a panel of experts in the financial aspects of divorce, and included attorneys, business valuators, and accountants with varying certifications and specialties. The all-day presentation allowed me,… Continue reading »

  • To Turkey Baste or Not

    Assisted reproduction can take on many forms. Many who decide to build their family through assisted reproduction use the services of a center. The center may be a fertility center, affiliated with sperm and egg banks, and medical facilities, while others are merely in the business of “matching” a person with an egg and or… Continue reading »

  • Alimony Reform: More Changes on the Horizon?

    The Alimony Reform Act of 2011, which became effective as of March 1, 2012, brought sweeping changes to the alimony laws in Massachusetts. Prior to the Act, alimony could be awarded for life, leaving many payors feeling unfairly responsible for their ex-spouses. As part of this systemic overhaul, amount and duration limits were set for… Continue reading »

  • Declaration of Homestead

    The other day my wife and I refinanced our home. My wife properly asked me, the attorney, is our Declaration of Homestead still good? A declaration of homestead is a type of protection from creditors in the equity of a person’s principal residence. I am pleased to say, YES! Effective on March 16, 2011, there… Continue reading »

  • Much Ado About Digital Assets

    Recently, a widow in Canada made news when Apple told her she needed to obtain a court order to access her late husband’s Apple account in order to continue playing a card game on their iPad. How can that be? Well, terms of service agreements and privacy policies govern access to social media and email… Continue reading »

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