Mistaking Your Attorney for Your Hairdresser!

Please do not permit your attorney to cut your hair, and likewise, under no circumstances allow your hairdresser to be your attorney.

In keeping with my theme of the many costs of divorce, not listening to your attorney can be extremely hazardous to your wallet and your case. Anticipated outcomes grounded in the experience of another, will simply lead to frustration and unrealistic expectations. Contrary to divorce legend, no case is the same as any other. Emotional aspects, child related issues and habits systemic to the relationship should not be treated in a cookie cutter fashion and given short shrift.

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce, for both the client and the attorney, is for the client to leave preconceived notions at the gate of the former marital home.  Likewise, clinging to what is assumed to be “fair” is just as great an obstruction.

We at Konowitz & Greenberg work hard at educating our divorce clients throughout our representation of them, beginning with what we call the “Game Plan Letter”.  The Game Plan Letter is specifically tailored to each client’s needs, concerns and specific issues in his/her domestic relations matter and sets forth certain plans, goals and expectations. Shortly after receiving the Game Plan Letter, the client meets with the attorney to review and discuss the letter in detail and help the client establish realistic expectations and goals…

Understandably, it can be difficult for clients to let go of what if’s and improbable outcomes in the midst of a divorce, particularly given the emotional, and often physical, chaos they are going through.  That is why, at Konowitz & Greenberg, we routinely have “reality checks” with our clients.  Reality checks are scheduled as often as required, based upon the needs and overall well-being of the client. Some clients have told me it is similar to being taken to the woodshed. We, on the other hand, view it as watching out for a best friend.

Have high expectations, but listen to your new best friend.

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