Size Does Matter: Smaller Can Be Better

In many arenas, there seems to be an assumption that bigger always equals better.  The bigger the payroll, the better the baseball team (ask the Red Sox how this is working out for them!), or the bigger the law firm, the better it must be. However, there is a well known quote by Mark Twain that I have always preferred: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it is the size of the fight in the dog.”

If a firm and its members do not have the talent, abilities or commitment to do the job, it makes no difference how big they are.  You cannot expect or force a law firm to be first-rate or provide high-quality service simply because they are big. Either they do or they do not. As a smaller firm, it is imperative that the attorneys at Konowitz & Greenberg work as a TEAM. Doing so brings a variety of perspectives to our work, meaning that not only is the end result a superior product, but also that the product is more likely to be tailored to the client’s needs. In addition, the client in a smaller firm is likely to be given greater attention and service because the client is not simply a number, but an actual person that is actually important to the firm.

In today’s economy, going with a smaller, leaner, and more cost conscious firm will result in more competitive rates on your project. Our smaller firm is more convenient, more service-oriented, and more responsive. Our firm members have much greater control of their destinies, which gives each TEAM member a sense of security and they pass this feeling on to our clients.

Since our last newsletter, our “small firm” has successfully argued an appeal before the Massachusetts Appeals Court on a sensitive adoption issue; is awaiting decisions from the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Vermont Supreme Court in cases involving contractual disputes; successfully argued for the elimination of alimony and an order that our client’s spouse now pay child support; concluded an acquisition of a New York financial asset management firm; advised a London based company on doing business in the United States; implemented several estate plans; successfully defended a company in multiple suits in New York and Pennsylvania; tried a case in the Superior Court Business Litigation Session; delivered a paper to the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys at their annual convention; and successfully appeared before the City of Newton Licensing Board Commissioners.

This is just a representative sampling of the issues that have been successfully handled by our “small firm.”

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