Have you read the Sunday’s August 7, 2016, Globe Magazine????,

Shame on David A. Gross for his callousness and glaring lack of knowledge!!! Anyone who has been touched by adoption (who hasn’t??? now that the dark days of secrecy are gone) knows that NO ONE GIVES UP A CHILD FOR ADOPTION. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. When a parent makes an adoption plan for his/her child, that parent is giving him/herself the gift of selflessness and courage to recognize that now is not the time for that parent to raise a child. (Shame on social workers and others involved in the placement for not emphasizing these aspects!) No one gives up a gift. That parent is also giving the child a gift with a forever family and the adoptive family the gift of a life. No one gives up a gift!!!!!

David Gross as writer and public radio producer should know better before he sets his words out for others to read and hear. One three page article and he dishonors well thought out decisions, weighed down with pain and sadness.

Bravo for Laura Flanagan for persevering through to learn more about the circumstances of her placement, and assisting others. And, of course, each circumstance is different and the tenor of reunions vary. But one thing is accurate: The truth may hurt, but it will set you free.

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