One of the brands of K&G is: “No detail is too small!”

Recently two very different situations crossed my desk: an executive offered a new stock option scheme; and a manufacturer concerned about the lack of contractual relationships with their distributor/sales representatives. Both situations emphasize the need and importance of properly drafted contracts and a “total review” of their interaction with other arrangements; with the executive, what… Continue reading »


Caution: Review Contracts Carefully Before Signing

Often, when handed a contract to sign, we do not take the time to review it carefully, and possibly even discuss it with an attorney. Sometimes, the contract pertains to an emotional matter, or a matter that the individual thinks is trivial. Yet this simple step could prevent a great deal of heartache, headache and… Continue reading »


When Taking Pen to Paper

You: An artist or creative person who was just offered the opportunity to show or publish your work. (Good Job!) You are overwhelmed with excitement and you are as nervous as can be. The Scene: An office, studio or gallery where you have just been handed a contract by the gallery owner or publisher. The… Continue reading »