What Will They Think of Next? Baby Born in Dallas to Woman without Uterus

Recently, a woman in Texas born without a uterus gave birth to a child. (https://tinyurl.com/yaangd5q) According to the article, there have been at least 16 uterus transplants, the first one in Sweden, several years ago. There are many women who do not have a uterus. Some are born without, while others lack a uterus because… Continue reading »


“The times they are a-changing”

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, I noticed an increase in activism. A day has not gone by in which I am not engaged in conversation about a Trump Policy. I realize that I was not concerned about the position I took or the position of the person I was talking with, but rather… Continue reading »


Do You Know What’s In Your Will?

Before you signed your Last Will and Testament, did you read it carefully? Do you know and understand the contents of your will? Does your will reflect your wishes today for the disposition of your assets? The language in a will is not always easy to follow or comprehend, but there is a reasonable expectation… Continue reading »



Three years of law school is now a concluded chapter. Now I am a recent graduate and new associate, but the experience of being a new associate has revived the same anxious, excited, and uneasy feelings from the first year of law school. As the newest associate in the office, I am not only new… Continue reading »


Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors

Massachusetts has one of the most employee-friendly independent contractor laws in the United States. Under the Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law, which is also stricter than federal law, Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 149, Section 148B, a worker will be considered an employee unless the employer can show that all three prongs of the independent contractor test… Continue reading »


Contract law and Texting

There is a new twist on Crosby, Still Nash and Young’s “Teach your children well” is now “Children teach your parents well!” R U K? This type of expression has become very familiar to us. Welcome to the world of texting. Until recently, I understood it to be a great and quick way to stay… Continue reading »


The Many Costs of Divorce (Part 1)

This article is the first of several which will address the many costs of a divorce. The first cost to come to mind for most people is probably legal fees. Legal fees can add up quickly and are often problematic for many litigants who may already be emotionally distraught from their own circumstances. Fees vary… Continue reading »


Informal Probate is Coming to Massachusetts

The laws in Massachusetts affecting the probate of Wills, dying without a Will (intestate), and the administration of estates have undergone a complete transformation. Effective on July 1, 2011, the Massachusetts Probate Code (the “Code”) repeals the majority of the existing chapters and statutes on probate law in an effort to simplify, streamline and clarify… Continue reading »


Probate: Sweeping Changes to Guardianship Law

Article V of the newly adopted Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (the “Probate Code”) enacts long overdue changes intended to modernize the guardianship and conservatorship laws in Massachusetts. Effective July 1, 2009, the Probate Code seeks to protect the individual’s fundamental rights and minimize government intrusions imposed by the Probate Court when court involvement is necessary.… Continue reading »