Our House

Our house is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard, Life used to be so hard, Now everything is easy …… (Crosby, Stills and Nash) Recently, I overheard a conversation between a father and son. The son was think of buying a house, and they spent the entire conversation only… Continue reading »


“The times they are a-changing”

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, I noticed an increase in activism. A day has not gone by in which I am not engaged in conversation about a Trump Policy. I realize that I was not concerned about the position I took or the position of the person I was talking with, but rather… Continue reading »


Do You Know What’s In Your Will?

Before you signed your Last Will and Testament, did you read it carefully? Do you know and understand the contents of your will? Does your will reflect your wishes today for the disposition of your assets? The language in a will is not always easy to follow or comprehend, but there is a reasonable expectation… Continue reading »



Three years of law school is now a concluded chapter. Now I am a recent graduate and new associate, but the experience of being a new associate has revived the same anxious, excited, and uneasy feelings from the first year of law school. As the newest associate in the office, I am not only new… Continue reading »


The Reluctant Estate Plan Client

The greatest challenge I face in my estate planning practice is motivating clients to follow through with an estate plan. I have seen firsthand the financial and emotional toll on families when the proper planning is not done. Yet as much as I try to educate clients and potential clients about how proper estate planning… Continue reading »


Our Bodies, Ourselves

Recently two very different events caused me to ask a very simple question: Whose body is it? The first event involved a man who allegedly killed his wife, but wanted to be in charge of the arrangements for her funeral. The second event was the death of my mother. While standing in the hospital room,… Continue reading »


Tax Free Gifting

You may be aware that the federal estate tax, which was repealed for 2010, resumes in 2011 on estates with assets exceeding $1 million dollars. The Massachusetts estate tax remains in effect and also taxes estate assets over $1 million. In addition to worrying about estate taxes, the law also requires you to pay a… Continue reading »


Intend What You “Will…”

Konowitz & Greenberg recently represented the Executrix of an Estate in a Will contest filed by the adult children of the decedent, and successfully obtained summary judgment in favor of the Executrix, striking the objections to the Will. While the Court ultimately upheld the validity of the Will, the challenge created considerable expenses for the… Continue reading »


Informal Probate is Coming to Massachusetts

The laws in Massachusetts affecting the probate of Wills, dying without a Will (intestate), and the administration of estates have undergone a complete transformation. Effective on July 1, 2011, the Massachusetts Probate Code (the “Code”) repeals the majority of the existing chapters and statutes on probate law in an effort to simplify, streamline and clarify… Continue reading »


When and How to Change Your Will

Many people assume it is easy to change their Will; just take out a pen and make the changes you want then file it away for safe keeping. But in reality, a Will may be changed or revoked only by following specific procedures. These are generally best done with the assistance of an attorney. Massachusetts… Continue reading »

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