“The times they are a-changing”

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, I noticed an increase in activism. A day has not gone by in which I am not engaged in conversation about a Trump Policy. I realize that I was not concerned about the position I took or the position of the person I was talking with, but rather… Continue reading »


How “Fine” is Your Art?

17 USC section 106A is known as the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 (VARA). The statute provides as follows: (a) Rights of Attribution and Integrity.- Subject to section 107 [Ed. Note: the fair use section] and independent of the exclusive rights provided in section 106, the author of a work of visual art- (1)… Continue reading »


What’s in a Name?

I recall the time, as a joke, a relative made a piece of ceramic “art” and signed it “Picasso.” He then told our family that he had purchased an original ceramic ashtray by the late, great artist. We all had a good laugh. But had this event happened today, and if Picasso were still alive,… Continue reading »


When Taking Pen to Paper

You: An artist or creative person who was just offered the opportunity to show or publish your work. (Good Job!) You are overwhelmed with excitement and you are as nervous as can be. The Scene: An office, studio or gallery where you have just been handed a contract by the gallery owner or publisher. The… Continue reading »


Media & Entertainment: Copyright, Fair Use and the New Media Artist

It was once the case that the only way for a film-maker to have his or her work viewed by a large audience was to have it picked up by a film or television distribution company. With the advent of online video hosting services like YouTube, artists, professional and amateur alike, are now able to… Continue reading »