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Name: Steven S. Konowitz
Date registered: October 1, 2010


Steven is a business advisory who also happens to be an attorney. Steven’s years of experience serving as general counsel for a major, multinational firm has provided him with the unique ability to immediately analyze a situation, and arrive at the heart of any corporate or legal matter. Steven’s responsive, take-charge approach means that he provides his clients with a prompt, realistic and thorough assessment of their options, takes appropriate action, and marshals and orchestrates the necessary resources to resolve the matter. Steven is best known for his proactive development of preventative legal practices that help his clients achieve their business goals—without undue disruption to their business or personal lives. Read more...

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One of the brands of K&G is: “No detail is too small!”

Recently two very different situations crossed my desk: an executive offered a new stock option scheme; and a manufacturer concerned about the lack of contractual relationships with their distributor/sales representatives. Both situations emphasize the need and importance of properly drafted contracts and a “total review” of their interaction with other arrangements; with the executive, what… Continue reading »


Parent’s (FKA Dad’s!) Law, Part Three

Now that our children have graduated from college, started graduate school, finished graduate school, or are entrenched in their careers, their need for a Health Care Proxy, Living Will and HIPAA Authorization is even more paramount. We might recognize the need for such documents for ourselves as parents; after all, we owe it to our… Continue reading »


Yet Another Discipline of A Business Litigator

As a commercial collection attorney, I am often asked what the difference is between a commercial collection attorney and a retail collection attorney. Commercial refers to business to business, as opposed to retail, which is business to person. The next inquiry is what is the difference between a commercial collection situation and a breach of… Continue reading »


Our House

Our house is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard, Life used to be so hard, Now everything is easy …… (Crosby, Stills and Nash) Recently, I overheard a conversation between a father and son. The son was think of buying a house, and they spent the entire conversation only… Continue reading »


The K&G Brand: Attorneys & Counselors at Law

Attorney & Counselor at Law: Isn’t that redundant? No, you want me to be a counselor so that you don’t need me as an attorney. As a counselor, I’m a coach—an expert trusted advisor directing from the sidelines. As an attorney, I’m in the game calling plays on the field as your agent. In 2017,… Continue reading »


“The times they are a-changing”

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, I noticed an increase in activism. A day has not gone by in which I am not engaged in conversation about a Trump Policy. I realize that I was not concerned about the position I took or the position of the person I was talking with, but rather… Continue reading »


Andy Warhol: “In the Future, Everyone will be World-Famous for 15 Minutes!”

Recently, I appeared before the Massachusetts Appeals Court. While most attorneys do not try cases, very few have the opportunity to appear before the Appeals Court. I have been honored to have appeared a handful of times. And each time, I remain in awe of how formal the process is and how exhilarating it feels… Continue reading »



Years ago, my mother would proclaim that in Chelsea, her home town, they would declare: “Vote early, and vote often!” This year, on October 26th, I voted early. Massachusetts’ foray into early voting stems from a 2014 law, which stipulated that all municipalities must have at least one voting location open during business hours ahead… Continue reading »


Contract law and Texting

There is a new twist on Crosby, Still Nash and Young’s “Teach your children well” is now “Children teach your parents well!” R U K? This type of expression has become very familiar to us. Welcome to the world of texting. Until recently, I understood it to be a great and quick way to stay… Continue reading »


Let’s Face It

“Person to person, face to face, person to person, one to one, just you and me. . . person to person, that’s just how it gets done.” These lyrics from an old 70’s funk band, Average White Band, remind me of the value of face-to-face communication. Why face-to-face versus all of the wonders that technology… Continue reading »

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