Estate Planning and Considerations for Adoptive Families

In April, Arlene Kasarjian presented the “Estate Planning for Adoptive Families” workshop at the annual conference of the Adoption Community of New England, Inc. (ACONE). ACONE is a Massachusetts-based organization that provides information, advocacy and support for all those touched by adoption.

Everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of age, marital status and financial status to provide for the disposition of assets, to provide for children, and to provide for one’s incapacity. But for adoptive families, naming a guardian for minor children is particularly critical. The chosen guardian must be sensitive to adoption issues and understand how the adoptive family has addressed adoption with the children. Guardians should also be prepared for the possibility that as the adopted children get older they may want to search out their birth parents. Guardians must be willing, ready, and able to support adopted children in that mission. In addition, the chosen guardian must be sensitive to an adopted child’s heritage, if different from their own.

If you would like more information about ACONE, adoption, or estate planning, please call Arlene.

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