Dad’s Law (Part 3): Lessons in Life

Recently, I was preparing a client about to testify at a hearing. The client happened to have been a very recent college graduate. We were discussing our hard and true basic principles of testifying:

  • Proper attire;
  • Punctuality;
  • Good posture;
  • Be very respectful to everyone in the room;
  • Look the person asking the question right in the eyes;
  • Be concise and direct in any response;
  • Pause, three full seconds, before answering any question;
  • Answer the question that is asked, not the one you want to answer; and
  • Of course, be prepared!

This person then stated that those were almost verbatim the same principles that this person’s father had proposed as it relates to how to conduct yourself in a job interview.

It is amazing how certain basic principles transcend so much of our lives.

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    David Rubinstein says:

    Time honored values last for a reason. There is a reason why the successful coaches consistently stress fundamentals.

    and as my Dad taught me “you don’t get old, you just get older”.

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