The K&G Brand: Attorneys & Counselors at Law

Attorney & Counselor at Law: Isn’t that redundant? No, you want me to be a counselor so that you don’t need me as an attorney. As a counselor, I’m a coach—an expert trusted advisor directing from the sidelines. As an attorney, I’m in the game calling plays on the field as your agent.

In 2017, three different client situations arose and I noticed how my dual roles as a counselor and attorney came into play:

  • My acumen as an attorney and counselor at law is best described as being a listener and a mentor.
  • I work with individuals and companies as a partner. My clients rely on me to thoroughly think about their business goals and apply my many years of experience to provide advice based on principled thinking that not only has their back, but also their future.

The three clients were two high end executives ready to launch new careers in new companies, and a business corporation involved in a convoluted contract dispute.

Each client knew that they would benefit from my outside insight. They knew that I would see what they could not see. They are on the outside looking in. I would observe their life, ask questions and gather facts, and resolutions would begin to emerge. It is my job to help them clearly see their options and the decisions which will provide fresh insight. For Executive A, we discussed the value of a base salary versus a year-end bonus. After several chats, Executive A understood that the real upside was going to be his bonus, not his salary. He was able to negotiate a new bonus at twice the amount of money. For Executive B, we discussed his ability to maintain an important lifestyle aspect. This lifestyle enables him to perform certain charitable work. He was able to negotiate an acknowledgement that he would be unavailable weekly for a certain portion of the day, and still maintain his new position. As for the Business Corporation, it was time to stop fighting this battle, regroup, and move on in a completely different, new, and exciting direction.

As an excellent listener and strategist, I have trained ears to hear my clients’ goals and then translate them into actionable next steps. My clients help me develop strategies to increase our success and harness the power of us working as partners. As a partner, I ask specific questions about their personal and professional life to ensure that they’re an example of excellence. For instance, I talk about marriage and family, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and other disciplines: as for Executive A, it was made clear in his employment contract that there would be very limited overnight travel; as for Executive B, he had a national presence, aside from his new position, and we carved out his ability to speak and write blogs; as to the Business Corporation, the “fighting” was having an adverse effect upon the CEO’s health, the change in strategy reduced his stress level.

Is it redundant? No! In connection with our move we changed our tagline from just “Attorneys” to “Attorneys and Counselors at Law.” Why? Because either as a coach or an attorney we are very deliberate in our advice and our approach. At K&G, these roles are interchangeable.

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