K&G: Now With 100% More Karens

It’s hard for me to believe that I will be coming upon my one-year anniversary with Konowitz & Greenberg this fall. My son, who was just an infant when I joined the firm, is now walking and talking (well, mostly throwing things and yelling “uh oh!”). While my son rules the roost at home, I try my best to serve as the “team captain” at work, so that the K&G TEAM can do its best work for our valued clients.

In addition to my role as Office Manager, I am also the K&G Legal Assistant. My professional experiences and education have prepared me well for these extra responsibilities. Before moving to Massachusetts with my husband, I practiced law in Connecticut, working at a small trusts and estates firm after receiving my law degree from Saint Louis University and my undergraduate degree from Williams College. Before attending law school, I also earned a master’s degree in healthcare administration and worked full-time in a nursing home as an admissions coordinator, honing my interpersonal and communication skills. In addition, I have taught English and History to (sometimes) unruly teens. So, it’s not hard to see why I feel well equipped to manage the TEAM here!

What do I actually do here, you might wonder? This is a small office so, not surprisingly, I wear many hats. As the Office Manager, I organize calendars and coordinate meetings; communicate with clients, opposing attorneys and the courts; update our website; and plan the newsletter. I also make sure the office is running smoothly by ordering supplies, managing the billing, and providing technical support and computer assistance.

When I am wearing my Legal Assistant hat, however, I display my “do not disturb” sign at my desk, so that Steven, Karen and Cyndy know that I am not available to fix their computer problems! As a Legal Assistant, I organize and assemble court notebooks for civil litigation and domestic cases and assist in the preparation and review of legal documents such as Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney. I also run the K&G Estate Planning Department, which is a highlight of my job.

One of my most important responsibilities as TEAM captain is ensuring that my attorneys can stay focused on what they do best: practicing law. Each attorney here specializes in somewhat different practice areas. Karen is a highly experienced (and awesome!) domestic relations attorney. As I have learned, this type of practice requires certain talents. For example, appearing in front of a judge in a highly contested divorce proceeding requires chutzpah — that is, a certain swagger or boldness. If you do not understand my reference, you have yet to see Karen Greenberg in action. Karen, who tells me she is “4 feet 11 and a half inches tall” is more intimidating than my 6’5” husband could ever be! Cyndy’s breadth of knowledge and sharp legal mind makes her an excellent strategist and skilled at analyzing complicated issues. Steven is experienced and unflappable, willing to tackle whatever situation arises for any client who walks through our door. In my role here, I am privileged to work behind the scenes to support their court appearances and other achievements. I love the preparation, the collaboration, and the negotiation. I love the document drafting and the attention to detail this requires. Using my strengths and skills, I am able to assist Karen, Cyndy, and Steven and participate in our clients’ successes.

When I graduated from Williams, I could never have anticipated this course, but, right now, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. What I have found most rewarding is the opportunity to take on as much responsibility as I want, which means I am always learning. In fact, joining K&G has re-ignited my passion for legal work. In the near future, I hope to expand my legal role and responsibilities even further. I remain very grateful for the warm welcome I continue to receive from my colleagues and our clients!

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