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  • Steven Konowitz Interview on Winning Business Radio, with Host Kevin Hallinan

    Steven discusses his path to success as an entrepreneur and counselor at law. He shares his story of a modest upbringing outside of Boston to his journey of growing his law practice, Konowitz & Greenberg. Steven discusses the keys to his success and the strategies he still uses on a daily basis to ensure winning… Continue reading »


    Dear Friends, Colleagues and Clients: If I have thought this once over the past two weeks, I have thought about this hundreds of times: We are living in a precarious, often frightening, time. For many, it means self-quarantining and dealing with the resultant financial, psychological and emotional stressors. For others, top that off with children… Continue reading »

  • One of the brands of K&G is: “No detail is too small!”

    Recently two very different situations crossed my desk: an executive offered a new stock option scheme; and a manufacturer concerned about the lack of contractual relationships with their distributor/sales representatives. Both situations emphasize the need and importance of properly drafted contracts and a “total review” of their interaction with other arrangements; with the executive, what… Continue reading »

  • Welcome Back…Really?

    Many of us are at the age when our children have grown, physically and in years, and yet, there is still something about their judgment that continues to make us wince. For whatever reason, blame it on the economy; blame it on changing values; blame it on…what difference does it make? Many of our children,… Continue reading »

  • The Good Lawyer

    Unless you are an attorney, you probably have not come across the phrase “good lawyering.” What exactly does it mean? What is a “good” lawyer? Is it a lawyer who always wins? A lawyer who charges lower fees than others? A lawyer with an intimidating reputation? The correct answer, I would submit, is none of… Continue reading »

  • The Lesson from Picasso Does Not Paint A Pretty Picture

    Pablo Picasso is credited with saying, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” Ironically, Picasso died intestate, meaning he had no Will. When he died in 1973 at age 91, he left a large tax bill owed to France and, among his other heirs, a child born out-of-wedlock… Continue reading »

  • K&G: Now With 100% More Karens

    It’s hard for me to believe that I will be coming upon my one-year anniversary with Konowitz & Greenberg this fall. My son, who was just an infant when I joined the firm, is now walking and talking (well, mostly throwing things and yelling “uh oh!”). While my son rules the roost at home, I… Continue reading »

  • Attention All Soon to Be Mother-in-Laws
    Attention All Soon to Be Father-in-Laws

    I know the peak wedding season has already passed, so perhaps my message is late for some, but I know it is still timely for others. Perchance your son, or your daughter, is engaged and planning to wed. With any luck, you are pleased (or moderately so) with your child’s choice of a lifetime partner.… Continue reading »

  • Moving on Up…

    New position? New career? Lateral move? C-suite? Middle Management? New kid on the block? You’ve accepted an opportunity and HR sends you a “love letter” that is 108 pages long. You think to yourself, do I really have to read this before signing it. Isn’t this just some generic paperwork akin to the Fine Print… Continue reading »

  • Parent’s (FKA Dad’s!) Law, Part Three

    Now that our children have graduated from college, started graduate school, finished graduate school, or are entrenched in their careers, their need for a Health Care Proxy, Living Will and HIPAA Authorization is even more paramount. We might recognize the need for such documents for ourselves as parents; after all, we owe it to our… Continue reading »

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