The Reluctant Estate Plan Client

The greatest challenge I face in my estate planning practice is motivating clients to follow through with an estate plan. I have seen firsthand the financial and emotional toll on families when the proper planning is not done. Yet as much as I try to educate clients and potential clients about how proper estate planning can help them and their families, and protect the assets they have worked hard to accumulate, the fact of the matter remains that many clients continually make excuses to put decision making about an estate plan on the back burner. Or, once they commit to making an estate plan, they put those plans on hold while they struggle to name guardians for their children, trustees of their trust, beneficiaries of their estate, or choose people they trust to make health care and financial decisions in the event they become incapacitated.

We all fall prey to procrastination when it comes to making difficult decisions in our lives. No one really enjoys considering the fact that they might become incapacitated one day or that they will eventually die. But a reluctance to consider these events does not make them any less likely to impact our lives. At Konowitz & Greenberg, we appreciate that making an estate plan can involve some of the most important decisions we make in our lives. Regardless of the size of the estate, we strive to make the process a positive and educational experience for our clients. We sit down with our clients and help them through each step of the process; not only with their decision making, but also to ensure they understand the documents they are signing.

Estate planning is an opportunity to seize control of your own destiny. Planning your affairs now gives you the peace of mind that not only will your children be protected and provided for, your wealth will pass on to your intended beneficiaries without unnecessary delay. Having your affairs in order will also benefit your family by relieving them of burdensome decisions and administrative tasks during a very difficult time. There is no need to procrastinate any further. Give us a call!

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